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  •  We have so much work to do (4+ / 0-)


    courage, compassion, creativity, critical concern...  we can do this.  Because it is us.  

    A vote or an election doesn't achieve our goals... maybe it's not even the form of consent.  All in all, it takes us people doing what needs to be done.  It's the hard work and contant action that will get us all to where we can heal and create.

    No matter what... we knew it was going to be a shitload of work.  Regardless, this is  going to be hard, painful, maybe even blood, sweat and tears kind of work.  

    Right now, my daughter is looking up some guitar chords from Bob Dylan to check out some fingering style she wants to use some song from Muse....  She thinks she sings better when her eyes are closed.  I just think she's beautiful no matter what.  Love and hard work.  There's always hope when you have that and your daughter is holding her guitar trying to figure out how to make her tiny 18 yo fingers do what a legend, a folk hero's 70+ rock star grizzled fingers can do.  

    For now I don't hear the children crying for food...  we could stop this tragedy, hungry children, right now.  Right. Now.  Not if we voted on it but if we wanted it.  We can make it work.  It's always been about what we can do.  


    "Love One Another" ~ George Harrison

    by Damnit Janet on Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 05:30:53 PM PST

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