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View Diary: Petraeus exonerates the White House on Benghazi (UPDATE with FOX NEWS Cover-up!) (215 comments)

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    The problem is that as Republicans have escalated the charges, the facts aren’t backing them up. Suggesting that this “cover up” (not proven, there is not even any factual reason to suggest this other than political dreams of a deeply embarrassed party) is worse than a Watergate demonstrates how far Republicans have gone off the rails in their attempt to get one good smear on this President.

    Not only is the intelligence community backing up that their assessment changed as new information came in, but the video of the attacks showed pretty much what the intelligence community has been saying and demonstrated why it was so confusing to determine what happened, given that there appear to be two attacks possibly driven by different motives.
    Why is Benghazi Gate backfiring so badly on Republicans? While it’s true that the facts don’t support their outrageous accusations, that never stopped Republicans before. Remember the last tinfoil hat conspiracy theory that was all the rage in right wing circles – the Fast and Fail scandal of a decade!11!!

    Epistemic closure is biting the Republicans hard, just as it destroyed Mitt Romney in the foreign policy debate. Republicans believe Fox News narratives, and they don’t realize how crazy they sound to the rest of the world. Because they believe it, they get more and more hysterical as time goes on.

    They are also not used to being called out by the media, or President Obama, or Democrats. All three of those things are changing.

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