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View Diary: Petraeus exonerates the White House on Benghazi (UPDATE with FOX NEWS Cover-up!) (215 comments)

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  •  Honestly, all my GOP friends have given up on (2+ / 0-)
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    Benghazi-gate and are more concerned with the fiscal negotiations. This is going nowhere fast and I'm not totally sure why I'm supposed to be appalled after having lived through Watergate(as a baby), the Iran-Contra scandal and various other admin f-ups that weren't as hyped.

    Though one person put up on their FB page that Obama has dirt on Rice/Patraeus and the other generals so they are being forced to lie to protect themselves.

    So in addition to controlling the weather, Obama seems to have information on every government official including Romney. It makes one wonder if he has all this power, than why can't he control the budget talks?

    While the whole affair(pardon the pun) puts a bit of a tarnish on Obama, I don't see how this is THE WORST POTUS SCANDAL EVER!

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