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View Diary: It is time for Jesse Jackson Jr. to speak or resign (113 comments)

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  •  A year and a few days - but I have no problem (6+ / 0-)

    with a member of Congress who is shot while in office having a vested pension.

    She visited Pelosi this week, in a wheel chair.  She has brain damage and might be doing some kind of rehab for many years.

    •  Nor do I. I would have favored a (2+ / 0-)

      private bill to accomplish that if possible and necessary. But it seemed clear from the start that her rehab was going to be long, arduous, and unlikely to be fully successful. (I base this partly on knowledge of the brain, but mostly on what sounded like unanimity of both treating and independent doctors speaking at the time concerning her injury and prognosis. Could've been wrong, of course.)

      In this sense, her prolonged failure to resign -- whether based on personal financial interest or political interest in steering the seat to Barber -- is more open to criticism than Jackson's. If he has a treatable condition as has been described here, that treatment can probably restore him to congressional functionality in a much shorter period than hers.

      That said, having witnessed a few episodes with Strom Thurmond in his later years, I do think the focus on these outliers is somewhat misplaced. How to deal with the effects of aging, particularly in the Senate -- never mind the judiciary -- is probably a more serious problem. (Not that I associate myself with Luke Russert's nonsense, which is a whole different kettle of stinkin' fish.)

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