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    I spent Thanksgiving with 3 of my sisters, some of their friends, one of my daughters, and a niece and nephew in NYC.  The sister who hosted Thanksgiving dinner lives with her wife in Greenwich Village, and she had a gathering of about 25 people.  
    My host had been without power for 5 days following Sandy, but managed well.  Another sister had been evacuated from her apartment building just below the World Trade Center area, and her building was flooded. We were thankful that she was finally allowed to move back home early this week.  Her son missed a week or more of school, and she roamed from one friend or relative to another for three weeks.  The third sister who was at Thanksgiving works for the Housing Authority.  She is in charge of operations at housing projects including those in Rockaway.  She had been working 3 weeks strait, 14 hour days, and the Holiday was her first break.  She lost power in her Queens home, and has a tree down in her yard, but really was never home to take care of it.  I've never seen her so exhausted. She is thankful that, although it took up to 2 weeks to get the power fully back on in the projects, none of her tenants died in the storm.  
    We were all democrats there, so the only political talk was to rag on Romney, to admire Hillary for her part in the mideast cease fire and to have various attendees claim that they were the one who got the gifts Romney complained about, i.e. female student, single mom, low income recipient of health care.  
    It is true that it is amazingly hard to prepare and serve a dinner for 20 in a NYC apartment.  Really.  I mean really.  I mean, who in NYC has wine glasses for 25?  But my sister cooked the turkey, and everyone else brought something that only had to be reheated.  The meal was fabulous.  My only real regret was that my other daughters couldn't come to NY for the holiday, but we did Skype with them.  
    Sometimes it is a good idea to stop, look around, and think about what you are thankful for.

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