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  •  A Better Idea: Sell Texas to Mexico (4+ / 0-)
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    Jeff Y, JeffW, Trix, Calamity Jean

    Mexico would be the most logical buyer, of course, but let's not be closed minded.


    Mexico would pay the patriotic citizens of the U.S. a big pile of money.  I would settle for the value of the National Debt incurred by Baby Bush.  Plus one dollar.  (Or maybe plus one peso - let's be flexible, people!).

    Currently Texas dumps all kinds of state taxes and fees on the oil they produce.  Basically, they currently export their taxes to the patriotic citizens of the U.S.  Selling oil to us at the world market price would end that crap.  The patriotic citizens of the U.S. would save a big pile of money in the future.

    Historical.  Texas originally seceded from Mexico because Mexico wouldn't allow slavery.  But, the U.S. long ago persuaded Texas that slavery was not a good practice.  So, there long hasn't been any reason for Texas to remain separated from Mexico.  

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