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View Diary: Yep, 2016 is already here. At least for Republican governors. (108 comments)

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    Also at the meeting: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (who made a splash in announcing Wisconsin would not set up an Obamacare exchange)
    New Jersey's portly political leader smelled a setup Friday when asked about America's favorite junk food.
    Gov. Chris Christie said he wasn't about to take the bait: a question dealing with that quintessential junk food, Twinkies.
    So when asked Friday at a news conference about Twinkies-maker Hostess shutting down, the target of many a fat joke begged off.
    The governor quipped: "I know it! You people are the worst! This is a setup! I am not answering questions on Twinkies, no, no, no, no, no, no. It's bad that I even said the word 'Twinkie' from behind this microphone."
    Christie has tried for years to lose weight and often jokes about his caloric struggles. He once likened his weight loss efforts to "throwing a couple deck chairs off of the Titanic."
    But Friday he said he wouldn't provide more fodder to comedians.
    "You know," he said, "I'm on 'Saturday Night Live' enough."

    yksitoista ulotteinen presidentin shakki. / tappaa kaikki natsit "Nous sommes un groupuscule" (-9.50; -7.03) 政治委员, 政委‽ Warning - some snark above ‽

    by annieli on Sat Nov 17, 2012 at 01:10:18 PM PST

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