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  •  It's about Money (2+ / 0-)
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    AJ in Camden, Ticorules

    First off JP Morgan makes a crap load of money off the plan so there is no danger for food stamp recipients yet!.
    Those who didn't know that need to dig just a bit deeper.

    Second: What conservatives won't talk about is the cost of administering the drug panels. See with our Crony Capitalism system, this isn't a program to deny benefits as much as it is to do exactly what the hypocritical conservatives do better than anyone. Spend unneeded money , expanding the government deficit in the name of privatization which is another way of saying we are gonna get screwed again. It's a perfect profit making opportunity for the diagnostics companies who may have seen business level off after people stopped seeing the Doctors because the cost of insurance got too high and companies laid off so many of their workers they don't need to spend as much to humiliate their work forces.

    Some conservative may have mentioned it out of racial bias but I'll bet anything that someone else heard it and said "hey" $$$$. So , you want to fight this BS? Ask them how much the drug panels will cost for 50 million people . How often will they be administered and what will be the total program costs each year. Ask them who would do it and how much profit is in it?.  

    I can assure you the cost of drug testing the food stamp population will double the cost of the entire program while disqualifying such a small percentage, someone will inevitably ask, "why are we doing this?" "Shhhh" all the congress people will say.

    Here is the perfect precursor to compare it with: Bankruptcy reform. We did that in 2005 to protect against the abuse of the bankruptcy system by those "damn Hippies". Before the "reform " passed, the FBI estimated fraud was .02% of the total bankruptcies filed.

    Now it costs 5x more to file, it's much harder for consumers AND even worse, they have place PE capital and Derivative holders as the most secured creditors in business bankruptcies. Yes, that's Wall Street slipping right ahead of wage earners in the pecking order of who gets paid when a firm liquidates. A recent study found that a far higher percentage of Chapter 11 filings  fail since 2005, because  the deadlines to reorganize are much tighter and creditors are much more apt to push for liquidation especially if they have bets on that the business will fail.

     If they start talking about ideological issues, ignore them and follow the money. That applies to anything that happens in Congress, by both sides. Who are the monetary winners and losers? The losers will always be those who can least afford to fight and to lose.

    This battle over drug testing welfare recipients is just another in a long line of cold calculated greed driven plans that , as a side benefit, dehumanize  the people in the most need. That's how they get the support to pass them. If it weren't for the little Nazis among us, half this shit wouldn't pass the smell test.

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