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View Diary: Wisconsin police union sues over Walker's law, Capitol Police wink at Solidarity Singers (62 comments)

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  •  GGB the SSA and the OLB (6+ / 0-)

    All perpetual thorns in the posteriors of certain individuals.
    Every time you folks show up and do your thing it hurts them. They know what they'd really like to do to you and they can't. They dare not as it would soon be all over the intertubes and national coverage would follow. After that the feds step in. This is the reality that they face and can do nothing about and its driving them nuts.
    Thus the penny ante chickenshit harassment. They know it, the officers know it, and you know it. So I salute you and all the rest. You collectively embody the best aspects of democracy. You collectively bring home the reality of chickenshit and horseshit policy and ideology will turn people against those policies. In short you have'em by the nose and are busily kicking their asses. They know it, the officers know it (see lawsuit), and you know it.
    It takes time and constant effort to turn uneducated voters into politically aware voters. That is what you are doing and they hate that more than anything else. Worse is the fact that you won't quit. Ever.

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