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View Diary: Wisconsin police union sues over Walker's law, Capitol Police wink at Solidarity Singers (62 comments)

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  •  Keep in mind that citizens and police officers (1+ / 0-)
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    Giles Goat Boy

    occupy very different positions. Officers are subordinate to their chief and sworn to carry out duties and obligations. For them not to do so would render them insubordinate, a valid reason to dismiss them from their positions. The citizens, on the other hand are superior to the officers and to their chief and the harassment being meted out is evidence of insubordinate behavior. The proper response to insubordination is to fire them perpetrators of insubordinate behavior. It is what elections are for. Walker should not have been hired and, if his prior performance in office had been properly considered, he wouldn't have been. The citizens made a mistake. Let's hope that in future the vetting will be more thorough and candidates won't be taken at their word or the cleverness of their campaign consultants.
    Also, citizen perceptions of the actual duties of agents of government has to change. For example, Walker signing a piece of legislation merely signals his agreement and intent to see it enforced. Responsibility for drafting and passing the legislation lies with the legislators, whose terms in most states last two years so they can be speedily removed, if they don't perform as expected. Putting the blame for legislation on the governor lets the real agents, the legislators, off the hook. ALEC knows where the power lies. That's why they infiltrated their own partisans all around the country to take control. And legislative bodies everywhere are amenable to ALEC direction because their own interest in retaining power is being served. The advent of universal suffrage has made real government by the people possible. And that means the power of legislators to rule is in jeopardy. If legislators are responsible to the citizenry at large, rather than to their cronies in the chambers of commerce and the industrial board rooms, then, instead of doling out public resources and assets to their friends, they are reduced to being public servants. And that's not appealing to swelled heads.
    Citizens are entitled to govern by the Constitution. The habit of equating entitlements with "benefits" is an effort to substitute material goods as a sop to the citizenry so they won't carry out their governing role. It's sort of like Essau being tricked into trading his birthright for a bowl of porridge.

    We organize governments to provide benefits and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 03:46:06 AM PST

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