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View Diary: Israel Calls for Increase in U.S. Taxes to Fund Gaza Military Campaign (91 comments)

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    Pluto, mahakali overdrive that our country is rediculously oblivious to the consequences of the actions of its military industrial complex. We are pathetically complacent, and proper, polite talking about it obviously isn't enough to get people out of their complacency. If this diary shocked you, then good. If only every American was shocked what death our country generates, maybe we could then leash our war industry.

    I've been reading Rachel Maddow's Drift over the past couple of days, so I'm already on the edge of disgust over how willingly Americans are to fund and execute war activities as long as they don't have to know about it. So I don't see anything wrong with trying to shock people out of their somnambulence.

    I should note that even Mark Twain recognized how unwilling Americans are to face the militarism of our country, which is why The War Prayer wasn't ever printed until after his death. Snark like this isn't supposed to make you laugh, it's supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. Behold it's success.

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