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View Diary: Obama Administration announces first offshore wind farm project (198 comments)

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    According to Sibley Guides, windows, feral cats, high tension wires and pesticides kill exponentially more birds than wind turbines. The bird issue is merely a handy device that the oil industry uses to divide environmentalists in regards to wind farms. Wind turbines rank way down on the list as causes of death. If people want to save birds, their efforts would be of much better use in controlling the feral cat population.

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    by bobinson on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 12:20:54 PM PST

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      gave a whit about wind?  All the wind farms in the world do not curtail use of a single barrel of oil.

      While bird losses from wind farms are trivial compared to other bird killing features, you could add in losses from power lines, which are also a feature of wind farms, and get to more significant bird loss numbers.

      I favor wind but if there are alternative turbine designs that avoid or reduce bird kills, and including underground power lines and related facilities, I'm for it.

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      Yes, all those other factors are very important. Note that Sibley deals exclusively wtih bird populations --not bats-- and his data are from 2010.  Wind has 'taken off' since then but also note that Sibley also says:  "It’s difficult for an environmentalist to come out against renewable energy like wind turbines, but as long as the electricity generated is considered a “supplement” to satisfy increasing demand, wind power will not really help the fight against global warming. Establishment of wind farms should go hand-in-hand with drastic cuts in electricity use, and there is a real need for more study of the relationship between birds and wind farms."

      IF we have a proliferation of wind farms that aren't sited to avoid bird and bat 'impacts' then I'd expect the proportion of deaths due to wind turbines to increase.  We who want better research and evidence of the effects of turbines and better placement of them, should not be written off as 'tools' of the oil industry because we want to work to prevent those deaths.   An aside: a bird conservationist friend who is a leader in a local Sierra club chapter says she regularly has other Sierra club members screaming at her about this issue.  

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