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View Diary: Black Friday protest plans are making Walmart nervous (90 comments)

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    I worked at wal-mart before. I know first hand how walmart managers, as well as the corporate blow hards treat their employees. To sum it up wal-mart workers are really nothing more then low paid mules. They do all the hard work while the corporate big wigs rake in the dough. Where do they get off filing an "unfair labor practice charge?" Maybe the employees should turn around and catch them at their own game and sue them for the same reason walmart is suing the union. I hope more employees speak out against not only not being able to have time with their families on the holidays, but about the unfair treatment of their employees as well. It's not just women they treat like dirt either, the men are treated just the same. That is of course unless you kiss ass. Walmart employees are fed up with the crap they have to take and hopefully the rest of the 1.4 million employees start fighting back too. There won't be enough soap in all their stores combined to wash that bad taste out of their mouth.

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