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View Diary: John McCain's egg-on-face Benghazi comeuppance (270 comments)

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  •  Another conspiracy theory bites the dust too (6+ / 0-)

    I kept seeing a narrative being pushed that somehow the White House had engineered the Petreaus affair, or the decision to reveal it when it did come out, specifically in order to prevent Petreaus from testifying -- because if he did, it would show for sure that Obama and Rice had been lying, etc. etc. etc.

    By Petreaus testifying anyway, all of that disappears (well, no, because that crowd never disappears any good anti-Obama conspiracy theory). And it vindicates the FBI reminding us that after Watergate, the FBI is required to operate independently of the White House, and apparently did in this case.

    •  wish it was so ... (3+ / 0-)
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      Living in their alternate reality, Fox this morning ran several stories saying in effect "the Petraeus testimony proves that the White House changed the talking points."  They are like frothing rabid dogs going after anything around them.

      I don't understand what difference it makes if the people who killed our Americans in Libya are called a spontaneous mob or an organized terror cell.  Is the implication that our intelligence should have been able to identify them ahead of time and prevent the attack?  What difference does the label make?  Much ado about nothing.

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