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View Diary: John McCain's egg-on-face Benghazi comeuppance (270 comments)

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  •  We can't pass judgment in the Biblical sense, (2+ / 0-)
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    Knucklehead, gffish

    but we MUST pass judgment in the democratic sense.  McCain is a senator, not the president.  He has no power to nominate SoS, but he can oppose Obama's choice by trying to convince others to join him in voting against the nomination.  The Republicans will join him if they can get away with it, if only to spite Obama.  It is incumbent upon saner minds to make sure they DON'T get away with it.  McCain's self-serving vindictiveness most certainly can be judged by us, and must be judged by us, and he must be called out on it.  

    The accusations about Rice are utterly meaningless, and should have been dismissed long ago.  The man who nominated Sarah Palin for VP has absolutely no place complaining about Susan Rice on any issue, for any reason, in any circumstance.  

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