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View Diary: An Important Piece Missing from Pro-Legalization of Marijuana Policies (53 comments)

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    If we don't do this now, in 20 years all the marijuana will be imported from slave plantations in other countries.
    I rather doubt that.

    1: I think that 90+% of ALL Americans whoa re going to smoke marijuana already do; the vast majority of people who do not smoke right now but would are in jobs where they cannot afford to be drug tested and lose it.

    2:America is more than capable of growing it's own, and we can grow the best in the world. It grows well indoors and out, although

    3: If properly legalized, HEMP will be grown in large quantities and more or less wreck a lot of outdoor growing. This is something I have found particularly telling about the prohibition of marijuana being related to an effort to eliminate competition HEMP would provide for Big Oil and other chemical industries, such as DuPont is famous for. Hemp is worthless for smoking - everybody including the DEA knows this, but the DEA fascist fucking liars of the worst sort so they tell us that despite being the best and the brightest they can't tell a hemp plant from a 'pot plant.

    Which is like claiming to be THE expert on dogs, but being unable to tell a Doberman from a poodle.

    Hemp farming would destroy the outdoor marijuana effort because of cross-pollination. So a lot of the marijuana in the country may need to be indoor.

    4: People like me would turn to growing their own, partly for the hobby of doing so and MOSTLY so we can smoke, enjoy, and enrich NOBODY.

    5:On the other hand, Importing marijuana from certain countries would be very similar to our coffee habit: certain countries, like Sumatra and East Timor, because of theor location, grow/produce some very particularly good coffee.

    There will be guidelines  for importation and we'd definitely want to encourage organic, fair-trade etc...etc...etc.. with the m marijuana products.

    We don't want to import bugs and weeds and such stuff so there will have to be...REGULATIONS!

    So, in the end the point PoshGirl makes is good, but a tad overwrought.

    The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.

    by xxdr zombiexx on Sat Nov 17, 2012 at 05:18:28 AM PST

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