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View Diary: Congresswomen step-up for Susan Rice (205 comments)

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  •  McCain And Graham Feel Bluster Is A Tool Of (5+ / 0-)

    foreign policy. That the GOP is more likely to resort bluster and bombast when discussing foreign policy in their mind gives the GOP an advantage in foreign policy. Obama and SOS Clinton's successes of the last 4 years has totally negated any advantage the GOP has in international relations.  So the Graham and McCain contingent are appealing to the hawkish base of the GOP and no one else. Graham knows he has to do this to avoid being primaried in South Carolina. McCain is trying to raise the old GOP flag of dominance in foreign policy in such an erratic ammner that you realize the country  thankfully avoided a McCain Presidency. They have to know that given the results of the election, turning the demonization machine on a black woman would be looked at as risky. Their defiance in doing it anyway deines the old boys school approach to politics.

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