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View Diary: Der Spiegel:The American abyss...over which party can blame the other one for a national bankruptcy! (73 comments)

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  •  Still like to know the source for your numbers (0+ / 0-)

    I think we ought to ccompare them with  germany, France and the UK, anyway.
    your posts always make me look  stuff up.

    In the US, income per capita was about 1/3rd above the euro area and EU averages.

    Now do you see how that works? I post a statement and simultaneously post the refererence. I do that because I am well aware, as Mark Twain said, that there are lies, damn lies, and statistics and that 97.63% of statistics quoted are made up.

    A source for that number please? and comps for Germany france and UK? Thats all I'm asking. Call it---oh, ---facts checking


    Happy just to be alive

    by exlrrp on Sat Nov 17, 2012 at 06:36:53 AM PST

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    •  in germany pretty much (1+ / 0-)
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      anyone can get hartz 4, which alone plans in 4 euro for food every day, and other stuff (the money you get is 374 per month and they will take over your rent if it is below i think 400 euros a month). This is not to defend hartz 4 which was a horrible policy but it is pretty much impossible for people to be living on 2 dollars a day here.

      "We judge ourselves by our ideals; others by their actions. It is a great convenience." -- Howard Zinn

      by Mudderway on Sat Nov 17, 2012 at 06:51:32 AM PST

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      •  The comparison was to 3d world nations (0+ / 0-)

        here are nations Ive been to that could be categorized as 3d world: Mexico, guatemala, Costa Ricaa, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Vietnam, Phillippines.
        the USA is not like these at all and any number that says it is is pure BS.

        I am VERY interested to see what the comparable number for that is for Germany. Is that number obtainable? Or did we only arrive at that number for the USA? know how people do like to badmouth the USA...............

        Happy just to be alive

        by exlrrp on Sat Nov 17, 2012 at 07:00:49 AM PST

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        •  ok (2+ / 0-)
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          Siri, yoduuuh do or do not

          You were the one who brought up germany and wanted to compare the us to germany, france ect. Since i am german I know a little about the german numbers so I decided to comment on that.

            I haven't been able to find any source for people living with 2 dollars a day here in germany. I don't know if thats because i fail at googling or because such a number doesn't exist. I do know that people can get social help here that gives people 374 euros a month plus pays their rent for places with rent below (i think) 400 euro a month. So if there are people living with under 2 dollars here, they could get hartz 4 or some equivalent and thus have around 10,74 euros per day plus the rent and heat paid for by the government. This is not to say that all is perfect here in germany, far from it, and hartz 4 has been criticised tremendously here, since it has actually made many things much worse for those needing social services. The people living beneath or around the poverty line(defined as around 900 euro here in germany) has been getting higher and higher, in large part because the SPD has abbandoned its working class roots, so again don't think I have no qualms with the way things are done in germany.

          But the bottomline is that nobody in a developed country should go without a roof or without food. Now you can't force people into a house, but you can make it obtainable from the government, which is something many european countries have done and the US should follow suit.
          and here is a link from the newyork times about the less than 2 dollars a day:

          "We judge ourselves by our ideals; others by their actions. It is a great convenience." -- Howard Zinn

          by Mudderway on Sat Nov 17, 2012 at 08:17:50 AM PST

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