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  •  One of the problems is that both sides at somewhat (1+ / 0-)
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    different levels have the notion that they have the right to be there but that other bunch over there does not. That is part of why the settlements keep growing, so that eventually it will be politically impossible to have an area where Palestinians will want to stay, because they will have no rights and government will work only for the settlers. In Gaza, the point of the ban on almost everything in a blockade, polluting water and such was to make the place so unpleasant that the million and a half would move out.  Of course, there is no thought of where the Palestinians would go because that is not a matter Israeli governments care about.

    On the Palestinian side, where talk is almost the only option, the thought is still that the Israelis save for a very very few are colonial invaders who take no rights because of their use of force to secure what they have. The problem here is quite frankly that a lot of the Jews who became the first Israelis were effectively chucked out of Europe at various times by a mix of evangelism (In the twenties in Engliand, the same stuff we call crap when alleged here in right winger religious End Times nuts, was running loose among the governing class, who didn't like Jews anyway, just not as forcefully as some others did not), so the illusion that the 'colonials' have somewhere else to go is also twaddle. And the mess that has resulted is of lesser interest to the chuckers because they don't at the end of the day give poo for either side, one Jews, one brown.

    This is, unfortunately why the two state solution, which both sides are both pushing and trying to kill, will probably not go forward, because if it did, it would be found that on a proper division of resources and borders and such, both sides could survive side by side in some rational manner, without the necessity of either side holding everything. I suspect that part of the reason this continues to be ugly is that neither side wants to admit it would be possible to do that. And both sides hold huge civilian populations almost to ransom, making sure that the ideologues on both sides have all the control there is.

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