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  •  T & R'ed because these are questions we need (6+ / 0-)

    answers to.

    I'll let others (like Heidoho) who know more about point 1 speak to that.

    Point 2 is a really odd one. ER's will always be crowded and wait-times are very much determined by need. And you don't just come in and sit down - you speak with a triage nurse. Even if parents didn't get told to stop wasting precious time with a non-emergency, in what world are parents going to happily wait hours next to the seriously sick and injured to treat their children's colds?

    Obamacare isn't a smorgasbord of unlimited free healthcare - which, of course, is one of the ways the Right has tried to portray it. It's just affordable (or much more affordable) insurance - there are still deductibles and co-pays for most services.

    Not only that, but the preventive services for which there are no co-pays can do a great deal to cut down the costs of the catastrophic "sick-care" we provide in those ER's - and the attendant waiting times, too. All human decency and moral values aside, it is simply much cheaper for everyone to prevent illnesses or detect them in their earliest stages than for us all to be stuck with the bill way too late.

    As for number 3, what's about to happen to the medical marketplace is that it's about to see a huge influx of new customers. People that would simply not have had that procedure done, seen that specialist or even had a regular primary care physician are now much more likely to. We already have a shortage of doctors - with this new influx medical practioners are going to be in even higher demand.

    "Republicans Vote To Repeal Obama-Backed Bill That Would Destroy Asteroid Headed For Earth." 2/2/11 The Onion

    by brooklyns finest on Sat Nov 17, 2012 at 07:59:45 AM PST

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