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  •  Think about this: $1 m/ year payroll already if 25 (2+ / 0-)
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    Neon Mama, msmacgyver

    employees at $40 K a year.  (Its actually more when u add social security matching and other such).

    Now, add health insurance costs @ $ 2500 - 5000 per.  That's only $62,500- 125,000 total more.  (And if you actually pay that much, your not doing a very good job of shopping, Mr. SmallBusinessMan).  

    And in reality the actual cost is less, when you factor in less sick days, less training for new hires, tax deductibility of most if not all health ins costs, etc.

    If you realy can't figure out how to pay for that relatively small net increase in payroll costs, then how did you manage to grow your company to 15 employees in the first place?

    And of course, this assumes a not very likely co. right on the cusp of 25.

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