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  •  This is what they looked like last year before: (5+ / 0-)

    Turkeys on ice.jpg

    I was a trifle busy when they came out to take pics. Evenly brown and crispy, they were. Thighs not overcooked, either.

    •  Cool beans (4+ / 0-)

      One of my birds resides in the freezer for now along with the legs and thighs from the bird I cooked yesterday. No way are we going to try to eat that much bird in a couple of weeks. I'll just make sure I don't keep it long enough to have freezer burn. :)

      •  Soup by Saturday, probably chowder (5+ / 0-)

        given that I bought a fifty pound bag of #1 White potatoes yesterday.

        Tomorrow is recruiting. I only supply the space, a bit of organization, the turkeys, and the potatoes.

        Monday I start plotting the stuffing. Last year one bird got corn bread based stuffing and the other got garlic rye based stuffing.

        Tuesday is farmers market and store day followed by the brining.

        Wednesday is corn bread day and staging everything I can at the church. I'll also peel fifteen or twenty pounds of the potatoes. I'll fry the skins to a crisp while the turkeys cook. Mashed potatoes are on the menu.

        Thursday morning starts early. Doors no later than 7 and I hope to serve dinner at 2.

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