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  •  More on a shift from Centrism in the Party? (1+ / 0-)
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    wu ming

    I want to post more on the point

    (1) Social cultural issues will have less of an impact. For the new demographics economics matter more. The newer demographics are more Liberal about what government should do. For example Latinos are pro gay rights regardless of whatever else they may believe personally by high percentages. Meanwhile, like Blacks, Asians, etc, they are according to research focused on economic issues. That means a Democrat running on social issues but who is economically more conservative will have a tougher race against one that is economically liberal.

    (2) On the economic issues, while they support things like ACA polling data of actual views is that they want a lot more than what they are getting. THey support Big Government. Not just Neoliberal merging of government and corporate interest.  

    (3) For now, the new demographics are testing the waters as they figure out as a voting blocks what their power is. That will change. With that will come the expectation that like White voters had in the past that policies should reflect what they want. That is something that I am not sure Centrists are prepared to do.

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