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  •  it's a propaganda wing of the Democratic Party (2+ / 0-)
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    shaharazade, George Hier

    which is, I guess, fine. The site has drifted a bit from its origins, when the reason for electing more Democrats was to further the policies that are outlined pretty well in the 2008 Party platform.

    Now it's considered bad form to mention that the administration might be wrong about anything, because Romney/Rubio/Jeb Bush would be worse.

    That might be true, too.

    •  seems the majority (1+ / 0-)
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      of voters thought they we're worse, so that's not the issue at hand is it? The platform from 08 is a joke and all the Dems care about is maintaining the status quo, the same old intolerable one we fought against in 2008. The new platform the one we all voted for isn't so great but your right it's better then a poke in the vagina.  

    •  Yeah, I think they're only "worse" (0+ / 0-)

      in an abstract sense and on some issues.

      On the issues where politicians will actually act (entitlements, defense) with any vigor, they're all in it to win it--for the obscenely wealthy.

      The Democratic (leadership) position on Medicare, for example, is "we define 'not breaking our promise' to be 'having a program called Medicare, even if it has severely cut benefits (for those under 55; we need the older crowd to support us, though, so we won't touch their benefits, and the rest of y'all can get fucked)'".

      The Republican position on Medicare is "we shouldn't have this entitlement, but since old people won't vote for us if we get rid of it, let's have a program called Medicare, but it will operate like Obamacare's Mandate, only for seniors".

      Basically they both amount to benefits cuts for people under 55 years of age, and in many areas (e.g. co-pays/premiums) for everybody.

      It took a Democrat to take on entitlements the way Obama has, and the reason other than partisan party/horse-race politics that most kossaks support it is because most kossaks are either affluent whites who won't be impacted much (if at all) by the benefit cuts, or people who are likely to be in the coveted, protected "over 55" group by the time benefits cuts come around.

      I had several senior citizens come to my door canvassing for OFA and try to tell me how great Obamacare is. They were taken aback when I pointed out that Rmoney/Ryan's voucher plan would do to them what Obama wants the rest of us to deal with. But they also likely didn't care; they got theirs after all.

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