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View Diary: AP declares Ron Barber the winner in AZ-02 (41 comments)

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    I'm glad to see that Barber kept Giffords' seat. I also didn't think that McSally would make this seat competitive, and from what I saw, thought she was way behind in polling. However, because of this  seat's symbolic "importance" for the Republicans, Sessions' NRCC and outside groups poured oodles of money into it. McSally, not fanatic Jesse Kelly, put on a fake "moderate" act and played her AF background and instructorship to the hilt. Let's look ahead to 2014. The key is to get our coalition of "gift" recipients, according to Mittens, to the polls and not let them do a 2010 disappearing act that put Boehner on top in the first place. If our enthusiasm remains strong in 2014, Nate Silver will adjust his Bayesian views and change his forecasts. We must continue to push for strong Hispanic turnout. By putting rabid anti-immigrant Bob Goodlatte in charge of the House Judiciary Committee to oversee immigration, the GOP has shown its true immigration views. For more on Goodlatte, the election, and the great new Dem. House and Senate freshmen class, read  this

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