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  •  It's in their political genes (11+ / 0-)

    The Whigs went through the same process.  They thought they could bandage the divisions of their party by not writing party platforms in 1848 or 1852 (their candidates were Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott, the two generals most associated with fighting the Mexican War even though the Whigs spent the entire war demanding that no territory be annexed in the treaty that ended it).

    What split the party was slavery.  The liberals took for years to come up with the Republican Party (yes, the same one Hunter is talking about) and the conservatives became (among other things) the Know-Nothings, led by Millard Fillmore. Anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic, just anti-.

    I wonder if immigration will be the issue that fragments this Republican party.  

    -7.75, -8.10; All it takes is security in your own civil rights to make you complacent.

    by Dave in Northridge on Sun Nov 18, 2012 at 06:17:10 AM PST

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