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View Diary: Bachmann update: her top priority, post-election--get on the Benghazi bandwagon (19 comments)

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    Bill Prendergast

    I like to look at the glass half full

    I remember the first time I Michelle was brought to my attention- the college kid we had as summer time help showed me the following "Crooks and Liars" entry

    "Bachmann has quite a thing for Bush, apparently. This press release from her campaigning days reads more like a diary entry for a 12 year old who got to meet her Tiger Beat teen idol:

    I have never been in the Presidential limousine before so I was a little unsure what to do when the limousine stopped at the custard stand. I wasn't sure if I should exit with the President or get out of my side of the car. Karl Rove told me I would exit out the door on my side after The President steps out and someone would open the door for me. I could not believe I was discussing what flavor of custard to order with the President of the United States!"  
    Then he told me how she ran to keep lesbians out of bathrooms or something I wish i could find that article -  

    I miss you Ben!

    I'd love to have seen her go and I'm sorry for the people in her district but she's helped to elect more Democrats in other districts - and she's always good for a laugh

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