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    Thanks, PolitiSis, for the explanation - but also for keeping the attention on the simple humanity of caring for those who had no choice in their pre-existing condition. Living with Type I diabetes is a whole new experience in discovering just how little the greater society is aware of the insurance industry's impact on the people they were created to care for - the sick. Especially the sick who are not "cured" with the right medication, surgery, or treatment. The most telling fact is the announcement that if you EVER loose your employer health coverage for whatever reason - it is a potential death sentence once your savings run out.

    I have written diaries about the rising costs of over-the-counter, non-insured insulin purchases. It is sobering to think that the current "grown-in-a-vat" human analog insulins rise in price at the whim of the pharmacutical companies. The technology has not changed, the formulations have not been "improved," only the corporate need for more profit determines what people without insurance will pay for the product. Their choice is simple - pay it or die; slowly, all the while conscious of the damage done to vision, organ function, and circulatory maintenance of things like fingers and toes.

    Every Type I diabetic feared the layoff before the ACA was implemented. Romney - "...first day I will repeal the ACA..." His millions removed him and his family from ever having to even think about living without insurance - or even the chance that he could NEVER GET insurance. Not everyone has your options, Romney. Walk a mile in my shoes sometime...

    Today's GOP is living proof that evolution does not uniformly occur across species.

    by Glass Navel on Sun Nov 18, 2012 at 06:43:30 AM PST

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