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    Our Wednesday diaries are going on hiatus for now, Father J-M being overwhelmed with work at his new mission. We are extremely grateful to him for all his hard work here, and we look forward to seeing him in the threads.

    The content of the KosAbility diaries is important to many folk who depend on the exchange of information and ideas about their struggles with real life-changing conditions. The moderators of these diaries will not tolerate rude, disruptive, off topic, and/or threadjacking behavior. If in doubt, read our mission statement in the diary.

    "Do your little bit of good where you are; it is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world." ~ Desmond Tutu

    by KelleyRN2 on Sun Nov 18, 2012 at 02:00:59 PM PST

    •  (((Father John))) (7+ / 0-)

      Take care of yourself and don't over do it! I know there's a lot to get done, but there's something to be said for delegation as well. I hope you're feeling well and things are going as smoothly as possible for you.

      "Madness! Total and complete madness! This never would've happened if the humans hadn't started fighting one another!" Londo Mollari

      by FloridaSNMOM on Sun Nov 18, 2012 at 04:56:55 PM PST

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      •  Thank you, FSM. (6+ / 0-)

        I really hated giving up the Wednesday diaries, but it's a commitment I just can't keep right now.

        And you're right, delegation is key to the success of the venture and my own well being, and I am in the process of doing just that.  We've just been open two weeks, and before volunteers can shoulder any of the burden, they need to first undergo an extensive screening process including background checks, then a three-session course on abuse and exploitation training, and finally, training in the particular role they are taking on with us, some of which are pretty intense.  It can be from four to eight weeks from recruitment to full deployment of a new volunteer, depending on the complexity of their job and their background.

        In the meantime, it's me and an assistant, so I have been putting in some crazy hours.  My bookkeeper/office manager comes on board January 1, which will make a huge difference, and recruitment of other personnel is going well.  The burden is getting lighter.  

        So, I appreciate your kind words, and will remember your advice when I'm tempted to "just do it myself," when I might not have to.  For now, though, my mantra has got to be "git 'er done."

        For those interested in keeping tabs on the project, we have a Facebook page (the website won't be ready to go live for another week or so, at which time I'll share it as well.)

        Ad creandos magis et meliores democratas.
        h/t to codairem for correcting my dreadful Latin grammar.

        by jgilhousen on Sun Nov 18, 2012 at 06:36:34 PM PST

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