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View Diary: Blue Dogs On Last Legs? (25 comments)

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    •  Another 15 or 16 Blue Dogs in GOP seats.... (2+ / 0-)
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      DvCM, Skipbidder

      ....and the Democrats would control the Speakership, chair all the House Committees, and control the agenda of the House. Boehner would be crying once again.

      Guys like Boren are the best the Dems can do in places like Oklahoma.

      It's one thing to complain about Blue Dogs in traditionally Democratic districts, it's another to cede entire regions of the country to the GOP.

      If the Democrats are going to regain the House in 2014, they will have to follow the example of Ed Rendell, who told Chuck Schumer that the best way to beat Rick Santorum was to run his (Rendell's) arch-enemy, Bob Casey.

      Casey was a principled pro-life Democrat, but he was far better than the devil incarnate Santorum. And Rendell believed that only a pro-life Democrat could beat Santorum.

      Casey is a thousand times better than Santorum, and part of the Senate Democratic majority. And the Blue Dogs were almost all better than the GOP wackos who ran against them or replaced them. I'd rather a big tent majority than a smaller tent being in the minority.  

      The Dems must stick to their 50 state strategy, and that means supporting Blue Dogs in areas where only Blue Dogs can win. Winning back the House would seem to require that.

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