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  •  I watched Soupy on KTLA Ch 5 in LA (9+ / 0-)

    I saw Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster, Sammy Davis, Jr and too many others to name. They would all appear dressed in Soupy's uniform, white chinos and a black sweater. Pookie would lipsync "Young at Heart." The best ones would be when someone would knock at the door. Soupy would do some strange dance over to the door. There was always a surprise. Sometimes it was a pie in the face, sometimes a celebrity and most famously there was a naked woman. We didn't see her but I understand that there is a video with the camera shot of her. The crew would laugh as hard as we did.  Soupy had a "girlfriend," Peaches. Peaches was a man in drag.

    Soupy also had a big blackboard and he would write on it the daily "Words of Wisdom." These were terrible, terrible jokes and puns. The only one I remember is, "When I see a turkey, Baby,  I want a thigh but when I see you I want a neck." That was the Thanksgiving Day Words of Wisdom.

    My husband and I were dating at the time. We thought Soupy was great. Our parents thought we were addled.

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