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View Diary: 15 cents for a pizza? 50 cents for a sub? Bring it on! Consumer boycotts send a powerful message. (107 comments)

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    Curt Matlock

    Here in Littleton, Co, every single time the union contract is up for renewal, local Kroger stores put up big signs in their  customer entrances stating that they are hiring temporary workers (scabs).  They hire scabs pre-negotiation, just in case, and put them to work very part time, doing scut work.  Then they dump them.  Thing is many of the scabs don't seem to realize they are scabs until after the contract is signed, when they all get summarily dumped.  I don't normally have much sympathy for scabs, but most of these folk are desperate for a job, are not aware that they're being used as a club against the union.

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      That's indeed reprehensible behavior by management. Nevertheless, at least Kroger is unionized so I'd prefer to shop there than a non-union grocery where the workers are undoubtedly treated worse.

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        News to me.

        I know one of their subsidiaries, and you are told directly when you are hired that if you try to unionize you WILL be fired.

        I always thought that was illegal.  But they state it outright.

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