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  •  Make them talk (7+ / 0-)

    They should have to talk about the subject at hand, not some obscure topic.
    They should have to answer direct questions from the other senators.
    The rule should be there to give the minority the ability to question a majority bill, so things cannot easily be run through congress. Nothing should ever be easy to pass. But on the other hand, a rule like the filibuster should not stop all progress if it is not used to offer debate or new suggestions.

    •  Requiring the discussion be germane (1+ / 0-)
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      is something that happens in our state legislature. It's helpful, but against a united obstructive party that doesn't mind burning bridges I don't know that it would work. For one thing, our legislature has a single subject rule for bills that simplifies the process of determining whether debate is germane. One of the senate's regular omnibus bills would provide enough cover subject-wise for a platoon of republicans to spout off.

      One disruptive senator that won't shut up can be escorted out by the sergeant at arms. I don't know that Harry Reid (or whichever poor schmuck gets the gavel that day) has the marbles to deal with a party-wide level of disruption.

      The Republicans have reached the point now that they routinely play chicken with constitutional crises.

    •  Do you really think that Republicans posess (0+ / 0-)

      the speaking skills to hold the floor without going off on some horribly racist rant or stumbling for lack of a teleprompter? But if you are going to do a filibuster then do it under the obligation that the Sargent at arms can compel all of them scheduled speakers to remain in the Senate. No leaving for dinner, or sleep, or whatever else they do at night. (Either fund raising or something unspeakably horrible). Round them up heard them into the Senate and make them sit and listen to the speeches. See how long that lasts.

      They will beg for a cloture vote in less than 24 hours and be far less likely to do it in the future. Bring in PortaPoddies. That will teach the bastards.

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