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  •  Thank you (2nd best Bball team) :-) (6+ / 0-)

    As a Chapel Hill guy, I have to say that.

    If Rolodex-bound, incurious, ennervated "reporters" can't speak to workers -- except of course for the infamous "How do you feeeeeel right now, watching your car get towed away?" -- then the workers need to speak directly.

    When profitable products like these are suddenly "unsustainable," we've got to wonder why. One assumes the asses put on masses of debt on dreams of glorious expansion into the liquid pouch snack food additive market emerging among hipsters or some other garbage. Instead of product -- product that is popular (esp. after taking over a massively popular product among Spanish speaking immigrants), they have to justify their "vision" thing with debt.

    I hope that Hostess is purchased by someone who wants to run Hostess.

    Time is not a fiction; it is a narrative.

    by The Geogre on Sun Nov 18, 2012 at 06:17:37 AM PST

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