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  •  Thank you for the fantastic diary (21+ / 0-)

    This is a weird place to write this, but thanks for the diary. I am so sorry about all of the Hostess employees. I am a type 2 diabetic. Everything people are saying about how Hostess hasn't moved with the times may be true, but it doesn't diminish anything you say aboutthe greed and irresponsibility and callousness of management. This story is repeated, large and small, all over this country every day.

    This isn't just labor/management. This isn't capitalism/socialism. This is capitalism BROKEN. If you read "The Wealth of Nations" part of the whole thing is maximizing the social good. Everyone should read "The Price of Inequality" by Stiglitz. While I incline to a Scandinavian Social Democracy myself, we are broken and out of whack even for our traditionally more "frontier Capitalist" model. We are not maximizing productivity, we are not making efficient markets, and we are certainly not improving the commonweal. Things are just broken and perverse.

    It isn't universal. There are capitalists doing it right, but we need to have a public conversation about this. We need to teach a new generation about Rousseau fer Crissakes. And until we rear that new generation, we need more elections like the last one and we need to change the rules.

    The alternative (to steal from Laurie Anderson):

    When love is gone
    There's always justice.
    When justice is gone
    There's always force
    When force is gone
    There's always Mom
    Hi Mom!

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