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  •  I have gone through the same thing. (8+ / 0-)

    I retired in 2004 just before Delta and Northwest had
    simultaneous bankruptcies. They took a company that
    had no debt and sold off all it's assists. Northwest was
    an all cash company. We owned outright all of our jets
    and equipment and even Land and property in Japan
    that was worth a fortune in those days.
    They looted the company and then passed its bones to
    the next vulture capitalist who picked it clean.
    Then they came after the employees.  They tried without
    success to cut our salaries.   Because of a union contract,
    they were unable to break, they failed.  But then came
    the temporary 10-12 per cent cuts to "help the company."

    This has been going on for years in the US.  It started in
    the eighties with "Greed is good!"

    Your story is too painful to read for me.

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