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  •  Another thing to consider (7+ / 0-)

    about the story he tells is the parallel between Kansas and Iowa when it comes to basic labor/management relations and collective bargaining.  Both Kansas & Iowa are so-called "right to work" states.  This means the unions in both states are significantly weakened by free-riders who enjoy benefits of bargaining (grievance procedures, wages, benefits, etc..) without paying dues.  This SIGNIFICANTLY weakens the bargaining and negotiation power of the union involved.  

    They don't have as many resources to fight the "good fight", they don't have the communication power of unions in non-"right to work" states, etc...When you have lost your job these type of things are secondary to the emotional gutting, but we can't forget that the imbalance in power is a result of a long-term battle that has been being waged in the midwest for a long time, in particular.

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