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View Diary: Not Even Wrong - Anonymous Stopped Rove from Stealing the Election (619 comments)

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  •  I refused to even open that other diary (8+ / 0-)

    but eagerly opened this when I saw it was from FishOutofWater.

    I was not disappointed! Thank you Fish!

    •  ugggh (0+ / 0-)

      firstly, sycophancy is nauseating.

      I was not disappointed! Thank you Fish
      What makes you so smart? Can you add anything other than an arbitrary choice to not believe? How's this better than the choice to believe?

      You're piling onto one point of view without any cogent reason or basis with the implication that you're better. And you toss in your sycophantic paean - makes me feel ill.

      If you can't add to it, then abstain. At least give substantive reasons - just saying "t'aint so" is so 5-year old.

      If you only ever want to read stuff you agree with why are you here?

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