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View Diary: Senator Conrad echoes call to take Social Security off the table (134 comments)

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  •  If we were to put the Begich proposal on the table (1+ / 0-)
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    as part of the fiscal slope talks, the Republicans would take it as a signal that we are willing to deal on SS.   They'll come up with a counter-proposal that raises the eligibility age again, they'll insist on a chained COLA(or CPI) and they'll probably push for privatization too.

    I don't want to risk Social Security being up for negotiation, especially when the Fix the Debt people will pivot to bigger Social Security changes so it undercuts the President's $1.6 Trillion in tax increases on the wealthy.  Remember all Street would love any opening where they can avoid their taxes being raised.

    Social Security doesn't contribute to the deficit, and it should rightfully be taken off the table.   Democrats holding firm to it being off the table is the right move.    AARP, and Senators Conrad and Reid say the same thing so our messaging ought to stay united, and progressive.   Keeping SS off the table is the progressive move.

    Begich's plan should wait until January when it can get a standalone up-and-down vote and we proceed from there.

    •  You are unable to support your position based on (0+ / 0-)

      anything other than "fear" of what the Republicans might do.

      That's a sorry way to run a country.

      Funny how folks want Obama to accomplish so much and then fail themselves to get behind good progressive proposals.

      Begich's plan is already on the table and we should support it.

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