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View Diary: Why Hillary Clinton Should Run for President (65 comments)

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    Hillary Clinton will decide whether she will run or not. She already knows that she has strong support within the Democratic Party. She would no doubt see a petition to draft her as a lovely gesture, much appreciated, but that won't affect her decision.

    It is also too early to be focusing on the presidential race in 2016. We have mid-terms in 2014, and plenty of work to do to improve our situation there.

    Two years is a long time. I think we'll be assessing primary candidates for 2016 with the dominant issues of about 2014 in mind.

    As to age: I think that Hillary will be perfectly capable of serving from 2017-2025, just as I think Elizabeth Warren, who is two years younger, will be.

    However, my sense is that the era of Boomer generation presidents encompassed Clinton and Bush, and I don't think the country will move from the generation that followed them back to the Boomer generation.

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