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View Diary: BREAKING: FL-18 Recount Finished; Murphy Gains 242 Votes Over West (317 comments)

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  •  "How to handle this" in 3 parts (7+ / 0-)

    1. Concede the election.

    2. Make sure the Congressional staff ensures a smooth transfer for "case work items" e.g. veteran's benefits, SSA claims, etc. that the staff are working on for residents of this Congressional district.   This has nothing to do with party affliation, it's restricted by geography to a particular Congressional district's residents.

    3.  Tell the staff after number two is completed, they need to start looking for  new jobs.


    Virginia Common Sense

    P.S.  IMHO they might want to leave West's name off of the resume and just refer to the Congressional district they worked in.

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