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    that one of the problems with Bernstein's reasoning is that it ignores the heart of the problem. It once again renders the system of legislative bodies nothing more then part of the endless campaign, electoral system. More circus and kabuki, instead of decent governance. It makes a mockery of our whole process of both checks and balances and representational democracy.    

    The purpose of the senate or the house is not to show what idiots the R's are or how the liberals are ruining the country are but to deliberate and legislate. There is a reason the senate has a 11% approval rating. They are nothing but kabuki. This also allows all governance to be conducted in back room deals and fake 'victories for compromise'. These rules override the basic underlying structure of our divisions of power. The legislative process becomes a political side show.    

    As it stands now procedural rules make the whole system useless. Elections need to have consequences not just another round of feigned powerlessness because of self imposed rules they seem to pull out their butts. If one side wins a majority then they should be able to use the power that was vested in them by the voters. Seems to me that's the whole point of our democratic representational system.  

    It's putting the cart before the horse to talk about the rights of the minority in a system that is based on the majority winning. Fearing majority rules because your side may lose next election cycle seems really to negate the whole point of democratic electoral politics. Real reform would be to eliminate bogus procedural rules that make the senate useless for anything other then twisty politics that both sides use to thwart the real purpose of the senate and the electoral process.        

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