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  •  I want the Lieberman worshippers (1+ / 0-)
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    to answer me one question:

    Joe Lieberman briefly supported lowering the Medicare age to 55 as a compromise for dropping the public option. He reversed himself, by his own admission, when he found out that liberals liked the idea. How is this a principled stance?

    To me, that episode proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not just independent-minded or moderate or honest or any such; that was a craven political act that only makes sense if he is driven by the need to anger liberals rather than any substantive policy dispute with them. It's one thing if he just tends to disagree with us (though it certainly weakens the case for keeping him in the Dem caucus); it's entirely another if he always disagrees with us purely for the sake of disagreeing. After all, if he really believed that Medicare at 55 was a good idea, and he's really such a statesman and a negotiator and all that dreck, shouldn't he have been elated to find a point of agreement?

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