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  •  I don't know about "multiple locations" I know (1+ / 0-)
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    only what the street people here in my town and in my county tell me personally, and also what other people (social workers, police, volunteers who clean up the camps, my friend Juice the surveyer, who is brave and compassionate enough to go where the cops won't go, and business owners) tell me also.

    They tell me they don't like being called "the homeless" because it defines them in terms of something they are lacking, and assumes they are failures who can't get "a home," when they're not actually seeking one.

    As far as links, well, Horace, there's a real world, and in my real world, the street vagrants we talk to locally, the ones that live under the bridges and shit in the creeks and are in the police log over and over again, are not the sort of "homeless" people who live in their cars and take their laptops to the library parking lot to log in to the internet to tend their blog.

    The library does have a few computers, and some of our local street vagrants do hang out at the library during the early part of the day. So certainly I suppose it's possible some of them post about how they're not "homeless," they are living as wild vagrants on the street.  But I don't know of any links.

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