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View Diary: Wyoming Republicans show why Mitt Romney was a perfect fit for them (19 comments)

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    We are not all republicans! There are a few of us who have some realization that the rest of the country does not look at things the mitt rmoney way, but we are definitely in the minority.

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      Is deceptive in Wyoming's case. With such a small population, highway funds (which serve the purpose of getting people through the state as fast as possible) and the big chunk of spending on the space command based out of Warren AFB, that would add up to a lot of federal money that doesn't particularly seep out into the rest of the state's economy.

      Still, without federal water projects, the BLM, the national park service, and other important (but relatively cheap per capita) programs, Wyoming would dry up and blow away.

      Wyoming Republicans love to point at budget surpluses and other goodies they can afford because of oil & gas revenues but they lose sight of the basic life support that the federal government provides in the background. Some day, probably under a Republican administration, the feds are going to pull the plug.

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