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View Diary: Why are Republicans calling for more tax revenue but not higher tax rates? (81 comments)

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  •  I can't remember where I read this (6+ / 0-)

    but will look for a source.

    I read that the deductions will be very bad for states with relatively high state taxes that allow these to be deducted from federal income taxes. For instance, California and New York.

    The suggestion is that this is a deliberate way to tick off well-to-do Democratic-leaning people in those states.

    •  True about the taxes, maybe true abt the reason (0+ / 0-)

      CA has very high housing prices (still, even post-real estate crash) and therefore large payments for mortgage interest, high property taxes (not the rate so much but the rate x price is what determines property tax), and high state taxes, all of which are deductible. If you remove those deductions or limit them, it would disproportionately hit taxpayers in California and similar states. And for whatever reason, Republicans don't seem to care .. it may indeed have something to do with the fact that Californians and New Yorkers don't vote Republican anyway.

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