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View Diary: Why are Republicans calling for more tax revenue but not higher tax rates? (81 comments)

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    The final agreement has likely been written, probably last summer.  Both sides did their bargaining with their corporate donors.

    Now they're going through the motions - both parties pretending they care most about middle class Americans, and tossing insults at the other side. Faux outrage abounds.

    In the end, they'll go behind closed doors, late at night, during the lame duck session and do the dirty deed. When all is done, Dems will claim victory and blame the GOP for all the draconian cuts in domestic spending. The GOP will blame the Dems for making them keep tax cuts for the wealthy another couple of years.

    Or somesuch.  It's so boring and predictable.

    Please stand by. I'm looking for a new sig line.

    by Betty Pinson on Mon Nov 19, 2012 at 12:06:46 PM PST

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