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  •  All Will Suffer from Climate Change (13+ / 0-)

    In the U.S. media, this World Bank report story was covered as poorer nations will suffer from climate change. The headline at The Guardian, however, takes off the sugar coating.

    Reuters: All nations will suffer effects of climate change, warns World Bank

    All nations will suffer the effects of a world 4C hotter, but it is the world's poorest countries that will be hit hardest by food shortages, rising sea levels, cyclones and drought, the World Bank said in a report published on Monday on climate change.


    The report, called Turn Down the Heat, highlights the devastating impact of a world hotter by 4C by the end of the century, a likely scenario under current policies, it said.


    Such extreme weather is likely to become the "new normal" if the temperature rises by 4C, according to the World Bank report. This is likely to happen if not all countries comply with pledges they have made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Even assuming full compliance, the world will warm by more than 3C by 2100.

    In this hotter climate, the level of the sea would rise by up to 3ft...

    Extreme heat waves would devastate broad swaths of the Earth's land, from the middle east to the United States, the report says.

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