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View Diary: President Obama can and must take serious action on climate change with and without Congress (160 comments)

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  •  I just finished reading this book: (0+ / 0-)  

    It only cost me six dollars.

    I think it could have been written much better,
    but from that book,
    I learned that
    those of us in wealthy countries,
    because there are so many of us
    with such huge carbon footprints,
    we are harming and killing,
    many people in the poor countries,
    such as Bangladesh,
    but also,
    in Western Europe,
    in 2003,
    there was a heat wave that killed
    70,000 people.

    There were bodies stacked up
    outside morgues
    in Paris.

    I still say,
    my vasectomy
    in 1977 has done more
    to reduce my family carbon footprint
    than any American with even one child.

    All your children and grandchildren,
    (I say this to anyone reading this,
    nothing personal to the diarist)
    even if that's just one American,
    has a huge carbon footprint,
    compared to my descendants,
    which is zero,
    since I have no children.

    We are the monsters,
    not by intent,
    but in effect.

    We need contraception,
    to quit making monsters.

    The poor countries need contraception
    to quit making victims.

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