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View Diary: Ninety-seven House Republicans join chorus of opposition to Susan Rice as secretary of state (170 comments)

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  •  Inaccuracy on the Sunday talks? Say it ain't so! (2+ / 0-)
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    Mgleaf, indie17

    In the 8 years of the Bush administration and 4 years of the RighTea opposition to President Obama, NO Republican, NO Con-servative, NO Neo-Con, not a single solitary one, by hook or by crook, has ever made an inaccurate statement, for any reason, on the the Sunday talking point shows!  And, they're not going to allow anyone to break that Sunday morning trust that they have taught the viewing Public to depend on!  It's Sunday, for gosh sake!!  
    Where else would the Public be able to go to hear politicians spill all the beans on delicate, undercover CIA operations, and, more importantly, to endanger those operations, our people, their contacts?  Accuracy is essential, Democrats get no lame excuses about the need for secrecy or the fog of war.  The Public needs to know everything, perfectly, NOW!  I don't know why the Public needs to know everything perfectly and immediately, but McCain said it, so it must be true! When has McCain ever lead us wrong?

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